Our Golden And Green EP is available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.
Three songs about decay and growth, duality and balance.
Kingman Cheng made a beautiful animation for us, have a look.

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Ghosts In Daylight is an electro-not-retro collective whose mantra is "beauty is the new punk". Songs feature Meme Love's celestial, layered vocals, presented in a dialogue with vintage electronics, Moroder-esque analogue synth-bass, off-kilter drums of founding member Tim Heymerdinger, and a thousand found sounds - a hybrid of broken pianos, slapped body parts and iPhone apps.

The final burnished pop result brings up everything from Bat For Lashes, St Vincent and Goldfrapp, with a twist of Little Dragon and the noir feel of early Eurythmics.

New EP 'Golden And Green' follows 2014's 'Paper Heart EP' which made Tom Robinson's 'Freshnet' and was acclaimed by leading music blogs.

It also branches out in terms of collaboration, with Rich Huxley (Hope and Social) now an essential part of the mix on writing, performing and production duties, plus distinct new voices such as The Little Unsaid and (TBC).

The 'Golden & Green EP' presents ideas of duality, with a note of optimism and electro bounce sitting alongside the stark, skittering beats of the collab with The Little Unsaid - 'Null Hymn'.

Live this year for the first time this year, the collective tours with the additional support of alt.pop genius of Mariya Brachkova.

Our two EPs are released independently on Bandcamp where you can pay what you choose for the download versions. CDs also available. While of course you can buy and stream from iTunes, Amazon and the usual, we love Bandcamp because it offers the best way for you to buy and help make what we do sustainable.
The video for the lead track off our second EP - 'Golden And Green' by the amazingly talented illustrator and animator Kingman Cheng.
Our video for 'Paper Heart', written, directed and filmed by the extraordinary Emma Nathan. Emma's main influences for the video were the films of Michel Gondry and Cocteau's 'La Belle Et La Bête'. You can see more from the shoot on tumblr.

Both EPs are available to buy at Bandcamp and other main online outlets.


Ghosts in Daylight-5
Ghosts in Daylight-5
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Ghosts in Daylight-49

Artists involved in Ghosts In Daylight:

Rich Huxley - sublime songwriting and shaping of songs, keys, guitars, keyboards, amazing mixing/production skills. Also thinker/writer of inspiring things.

The Little Unsaid, aka John Elliott, whose headspinning writing and voice offers so much to our collective.

Mariya Brachkova - Mercurial composer of haunting electronic pop, and an essential part of our live set-up.

Emma Nathan – video writer/director – one of the most visionary and singular artists we've met.

Kingman Cheng - gorgeous animation for 'Golden And Green'. A lovely man.

Anna Berry - beautiful art for our new 'Golden And Green EP'.

Russ Sargeant – bassman of amazing gifts, composer, multi-instrumentalist and creator of sonic ideas that astound us.

Phoenix – makes beautiful photographs of and for us.

Millie Findlay - inspirational photographer/artist/friend whose tumblr includes some video of Meme's lovely solo work.

Tim Bazell – Mercury-nominated producer, musician and composer.

Timo Ellis – multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, leads NYC's insanely good 'The Netherlands' project and played with Joan As Police Woman, Spacehog and Yoko Ono.


Other people we like: - building a global climate movement.

Greenpeace - fighting the assault on our natural world.

Medicins Sans Frontieres - Medicine where it's needed most in conflict/disaster zones.

The Forgiveness Project – stories of victims and perpetrators exploring concepts of forgiveness.



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Sun May 3rd: Green Party Benefit, The Nest, Bath (link tbc)
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Sat May 16th: Slaughtered Lamb, Farringdon (tickets:

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