GOLDEN & GREEN EP 17th April 2015

"It's pop music with an elegantly cinematic vibe that nudges, probes, ebbs and flows. It drifts effortlessly into your consciousness where it will rest and remain for the days to come." (Alphabet Bands)

press_pic_temp.pngA year on from their debut EP (which made Tom Robinson's Freshnet right off the blocks) Ghosts In Daylight's Meme and Tim have let a little light in on their electro-noir universe with their second EP release 'Golden & Green', scheduled for release on 17th April.

This is largely due to the addition of Rich Huxley (Hope & Social), whose writing and production skills bring funkier, more lush and accessible electro bounce to the proceedings.

'Golden & Green' is an analogue-Moroder-esque, synth-driven shout-out for better times, pure and simple.


While the optimism expressed in these tracks may invoke the poppier side of electro,the darkness and drama glimpsed on their debut is never far away; 'Null Hymn' - is a stark, downbeat duet featuring Meme and The Little Unsaid - the latter also co-writing and producing. It opines what's lost on a personal and planet-wide scale when communication breaks down, wrapped up in claustrophobic synth pads, a broken piano, and insistent, stinging electronic beats.

'The Needle I Thread' features Meme's Tim Burton-esque take on motherhood, from a new baby's viewpoint. Her layered acapella vocal and cello theme whirl and unsettle.

New collaborations have rung big changes in approach.

"Rich Huxley makes us make decisions and work fast," says Meme. "While he, Tim and I first started writing this one, positive ideas we're definitely in the air after the first EP; but input from the new collab artists pushed us more in the direction of balance and duality."

"So I guess while there's plenty of deeper personal stuff on the EP together with a take on what we have to deal with daily, 'Golden & Green' is saying it's okay to be realistic and optimistic - and we can be."

The 'Golden & Green EP' is released April 17th 2015 on Bandcamp and usual online stores. Catch Ghosts In Daylight live in April and May.

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"There is a saviour for electronica's reputation – Ghosts In Daylight."
Mesmerise Music (9.5 out of 10)

"Intelligent, perceptive and achingly beautiful pop music, that is challenging and accessible in equal measure."





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Video for lead track off our second EP - 'Golden And Green' - to be released 17.04.15 on Bandcamp, itunes and usual online.
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